Christmas Gift 6 - Facial Anti-Aging set
Christmas Gift 6 - Facial Anti-Aging set Christmas Gift 6 - Facial Anti-Aging set Christmas Gift 6 - Facial Anti-Aging set

Christmas Gift 6 - Facial Anti-Aging set

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X3 SkinRepair Booster is a tool that has several hundred needles attached to a roller. When using SkinRepair Booster over the skin, small holes are created and the pores are left open for a short time. This causes the body to react and trigger it to start healing the small wounds by producing collagen and elastin, and the production of new skin cells is started. The roller is used to roll over the face in different directions with the aim that the needles should puncture the skin and create small tiny small wounds. This causes the body to start healing the damage and new substances and cells are formed in the skin which causes the skin to rejuvenate.

Luxurious face mask with real gold minerals and beneficial plant oils and natural ingredients that all contribute to the mask cleansing the pores deeply, moisturizing and keeping the skin young and supple at the same time. Very active ingredients and high content of gold, which means that you can feel a tingling and warmth in the skin, which is perfectly fine.

Extremely effective grain-free enzyme peel that keeps the facial skin smooth, soft and clean. Rich in natural antioxidants. The peeling is done by natural AHA acids. Peels on the surface but also penetrates the skin and stimulates collagen and elastane, which improves the skin's elasticity and texture. Effectively removes old, dry dead skin cells, stimulates cell renewal, smoothes and increases moisture in the skin. The result is that the top layer of skin thins out, it becomes softer, looks fresher and can absorb other substances more easily. The acidity of the AHA acids is beneficial in itself because healthy skin is slightly acidic. It also has antibacterial properties.

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