Whipped Shea Butter - Orange Peel Oil
Whipped Shea Butter - Orange Peel Oil

Whipped Shea Butter - Orange Peel Oil

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100% organic, natural and vegan, also Swedish-made and handmade! Here we have a moisturizing gift from nature like no other!

Our whipped Shea butter is suitable for all skin types, and especially good for the driest and most sensitive and also in dry and broken hair.

Cosmopharmas Whipped Shea Butter is one of our best plasticizers, it becomes like an oil when it comes in contact with body heat and thus becomes easy to apply if you warm a little between the hands and let it melt a little before application.

It is made from Shea butter which is then scented with a lovely scent of organic orange peel oil. Natural Vitamin E as a preservative and also a strong antioxidant.

Shea butter is a rich vegetable fat that is squeezed from shea nuts, ie the seeds of the butter tree, which is full of vitamins such as A, E and F. It adds a lot of moisture to the skin and suits all skin types, and extra good for very dry. Ideal for scorching, red skin, hard and dry skin, milder tan, temporarily itchy skin insect bites and is excellent for babies' fine sensitive skin.

Shea butter is a solid butter that gets harder during the winter months and therefore the product is best stored at room temperature. If it is hard, soften it between the hands before applying it to the body, scalp or hair. If it is very hot in the summer, keep your jar a little cool so that it does not become liquid.

Active ingredients

Organic Shea Butter

Organic essential orange oil

Natural dye

Natural Vitamin E.

Tips for use: For the body: Take a click in the hand and melt a little in the hand and it becomes an easy-to-work oil, then lubricate the cream oil in the places where you are extra dry or irritated.

For textured hair: Use in damp or dry hair. Take a click in the hand and wait until it melts off the body heat, apply to the hair. Do not wash out. After hair washing, you can use a slightly larger amount, but between hair washes, a smaller amount is enough to do a refresh when you style your hair.

For non-textured hair: Use in damp or dry hair. Take a click in the hand and wait until it melts off the body heat, applying in the tops. Be careful to apply to the scalp, as the hair can easily look greasy then.

As a hair wrap: Apply to the hair as above and then wash it off with shampoo. Two washes may be needed.

As a cure for dry scalp: Take a click in the hand that you let melt a little and then massage the cream between the hands to get a wonderful oil that you then massage into the scalp. Feel free to let it sit for a whole night one or a whole day if you have the opportunity. Your hair will look greasy, so do it on a day when you just have to be at home. Then wash it off as usual with your favorite shampoo. Two washes may be needed.

INGREDIENTS: Butyrospermum parkii butter *, Citrus aurantium dulcis peel oil *, Tocopherol, CI 77019, CI 77891, CI77007

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