5-Blade Razor HYMM™
5-Blade Razor HYMM™ 5-Blade Razor HYMM™

5-Blade Razor HYMM™

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Neat look at the turn of your hand: The high-quality 5-blade razor blends perfectly into the shape of your face, and its comfortable rubber handle fits perfectly in your hand and the 5-blade shaving head ensures precise shaving. The blade is easy and quick to change with the button, and the lubricating tape containing vitamin E and aloe vera makes the blade slide on the skin and makes shaving pleasant. With the shaping blade, clean, precise sideburns, a jawbone and a mustache, and protective grooves ensure safety.

New technology and first-class performance. * The 5-blade razor has 25% thinner * blades and a wider * sliding range, and it drives even the shortest stubble without the use of force. The result is a more pleasant and less irritating shave. The moving blade follows the shapes of the face and ensures a more precise shave. The button releases the blade for replacement. Includes one ready-to-use HYMM Replacement Blade. * compared to the HYMM 3-Blade System blade

The lubricating tape contains aloe vera and vitamin E and helps the razor glide lightly on the skin, which makes shaving pleasant.

The shaping blade for areas requiring precision (sideburns, jaw, mustache) includes protective grooves that prevent cuts.

Lasts an average of 19 uses. *

Tested by dermatologists, suitable for sensitive skin.

* According to a consumer survey in Germany.

To change the blade, press the button on the front of the planer shaft.

We recommend using the transparent HYMM Shave Gel with a razor, which produces a clean result and protects the skin from irritation.

Items that require precision (sideburns, jaw, mustache) should be driven with a shaping blade on the other side of the blade.

Avoid contact with eyes.

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