Glister™ kids -hammasharjat
Glister™ kids -hammasharjat

Glister™ kids -hammasharjat

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What the product does

Glister ™ Kids toothbrushes:

Developed specifically for the dental care needs of children over the age of two.

Effectively cleans all teeth, including the back teeth, and rounded bristles protect sensitive gums.

Help prevent caries, cavities and gingivitis.

Why you should like the product

Glister Kids toothbrushes make brushing fun, with cheerful colors and fun paw prints from Patches-Panda. The rounded soft bristles and comfortable handle for a good grip are designed for small hands and mouths of children and are easy to handle. Use in conjunction with the strawberry-flavored Glister kids fluoride toothpaste and help your child create good daily dental routines!

The most important qualities

The rounded soft bristles effectively and gently clean all teeth, including the back teeth, and protect sensitive gums.

The colored part of the bristles helps teach the child how much toothpaste is used.

The round handle gives a good grip and is easy for the child to handle.

The brush stays in place for easy application of toothpaste.


Take a pea-sized beak of toothpaste for colorful bristles.

Brush thoroughly for 2 minutes.

Repeat after each meal or at least twice a day or as directed by your dentist.

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