Family Set iCook™
Family Set iCook™

Family Set iCook™

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The family pack includes parts for the starter and basic packs. You have a complete set of soup dishes at your disposal, with which you can prepare healthy and nutritious food every day.

1 liter pot and lid Ideal for making vegetables, fruit, egg dishes, custard, porridge, baby food, icings and sauces, as well as for melting chocolate and heating food.

4 liter pot and lid Ideal for cooking soups, pasta dishes, casseroles, whole chicken and large vegetables. When you use a small dome lid and a 4-liter steamer with stacking technology as well as stacking technology, you can steam a wide range of vegetables.

4 liter steam cooking unit Can be used together with a 4 liter boiler for steaming or as a piercing for rinsing vegetables and fruits.

Double-acting submersible steam boiler This multi-purpose accessory can be used as a water bath boiler with a 4-liter boiler. Suitable for making cakes, vegetables, puddings, sauces and pasta and egg dishes. Can also be used as a serving dish.

Small frying pan and lid Suitable for stewing and browning dishes as well as for preparing fruit and vegetable dishes.

Large frying pan and lid Use the frying pan to fry or brown in a small amount of oil or to simmer. With this frying pan, you also get a tasty taste and a beautiful brown surface in roasts, chopped birds or other meat dishes without the use of oil.

Small hood The small hood is suitable for cooking large ingredients, such as whole chicken. It is also suitable for stacking, and upside down it can also be used as a saucepan or serving dish.

3 mixing bowls and lids Stainless steel 1, 2 and 3 liter mixing bowls and lids. Suitable for mixing and marinating dishes.

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