Basic Product Package iCook ™.
Basic Product Package iCook ™.

Basic Product Package iCook ™.

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The basic package includes utensils for cooking and mixing.

4 liter pot and lid Ideal for cooking soups, pasta dishes, casseroles, whole chicken and large vegetables. When you use a small dome lid and a 4-liter steamer with stacking technology as well as stacking technology, you can steam a wide range of vegetables.

4 liter steam cooking unit Can be used together with a 4 liter boiler for steaming or as a piercing for rinsing vegetables and fruits.

Double-acting submersible steam boiler This multi-purpose accessory can be used as a water bath boiler with a 4-liter boiler. Suitable for making cakes, vegetables, puddings, sauces and pasta and egg dishes. Can also be used as a serving dish.

3 mixing bowls and lids Stainless steel 1, 2 and 3 liter mixing bowls and lids. Suitable for mixing and marinating dishes.

If the lid gets stuck in the cookware or worktop

After cooking, the cookware may have a water lock so strong that the lid gets stuck and is difficult to remove. If this happens, gently raise the heat until the lid comes off. This will take about a minute. Do not try to force the cover open.

Avoid placing covers on the hob or worktops. If the cover gets stuck on a flat surface, gently twist or slide it while lifting. The lid usually comes off when you place a warm, wet towel on it for a minute. Do not try to force the cover off the surface.

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