Advanced Set iCook™
Advanced Set iCook™

Advanced Set iCook™

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With this cookware package, you get to know the VITALOK manufacturing method: cooking in a small amount of liquid and stacking technology. Includes a pasta cooking section for smart cooking and draining. Especially suitable for experimental home experiments.

2 liter kettle and lid Perfect for cooking vegetables, fruits and soups.

3 liter pot and lid A great cooking utensil for cooking large vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower.

8 liter kettle and lid Use the kettle to prepare large quantities of rice, soup, casserole, broth, meat dish or pasta.

Pasta soup section and ring Use together with an 8 liter pot to cook pasta, fish and seafood. No more awkward sieving!

Large hood lid Used in conjunction with an 8-liter pot, the hood lid allows large portions of meat, such as whole chickens, to be cooked. It is also suitable for stacking, and upside down it can also be used as a saucepan or serving dish.

Steam cooking section and grater stand For fine and coarse grating and slicing as well as steaming. Can also be used stacked with a large frying pan or 8 liter pot.

If the lid gets stuck in the cookware or worktop

After cooking, the cookware may have a water lock so strong that the lid gets stuck and is difficult to remove. If this happens, gently raise the heat until the lid comes off. This will take about a minute. Do not try to force the cover open.

Avoid placing covers on the hob or worktops. If the cover gets stuck on a flat surface, gently twist or slide it while lifting. The lid usually comes off when you place a warm, wet towel on it for a minute. Do not try to force the cover off the surface.

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