Rejuvenating Rich Cream
Rejuvenating Rich Cream

Rejuvenating Rich Cream

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Moisturizes and protects skin exposed to drying conditions, such as extreme weather events and other environmental factors (air conditioning, heating, etc.)

 • Provides extra nourishment and moisture to the skin, strengthening its defensive function and preventing dehydration. Wrinkles are more likely to form on dry skin.

 • Contains active ingredients that fade hair lines and wrinkles and make the skin more radiant. Rejuvenating Rich Cream contains BAAM (Botanical Anti-Aging Marine Complex), a seaweed-based anti-aging marine complex that contains marine phytonutrients that energize and protect the skin. They work in conjunction with other effective anti-wrinkle ingredients The BAAM complex contains five effective ingredients:

 • Periwinkle extract protects the skin and strengthens the skin's defenses, providing effective anti-aging and moisturizing effects. • Wave copper wing (Alaria esculenta), a brown species of seaweed, provides antioxidants while energizing the skin and promoting its elasticity.

 • Alteromonas extract, a marine polysaccharide, helps fight hair lines and wrinkles

 • Knotweed (Ascophyllum nodosum) and brown algae (Laminaria digitata) provide nourishing properties that firm and moisturize. Rejuvenating Rich Cream also contains effective moisturizing hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, which contains antioxidants. Nourishing lipid emulsion and natural oils prevent dehydration and relax and soothe the skin. Rejuvenating Rich Cream as the final step in the Nutriance Organic skincare routine. 

Use every morning and evening for optimal results.

 ■ Serifically organic 

■ pH 4.9 

■ Clinically proven 

■ 100% vegan 

■ Non-comedogenic

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