Marja Entrich

Marja Entrich was ahead of her time - as early as the 1940s, she claimed that human skin “accepts” creams made from natural ingredients better than those made chemically. After eight years as a manager at the cosmetics company Rubinstein, he set up his own salon in Stockholm. The beauty salon had customers all over Europe and became known for its “homemade” creams and great results in skin care.

Entrich believed in the power of the creams he developed from natural products and set up his own laboratory. It focused on developing 100% plant-based cosmetics that were found to promote the skin’s own function, elasticity and hearing. Entrich has received two major product awards in the cosmetics industry, which are considered oscars in the cosmetics industry. The first of these was granted to him as early as 1957 and the second in 1989.

All Marja Entrich® products are developed and manufactured in Finland in the company's own laboratory and factory. The products are still 100% plant-based and their effectiveness is based on the use of raw materials made by cold pressing. Cold pressing retains all the vitamins and antioxidants in natural ingredients. That's why Marja Entrich® cosmetics make the skin ball and beautiful: it nourishes, renews and nourishes the skin with the power of natural ingredients. Since 2008, the plant has been the first ECOCERT-certified production plant in the Nordic countries.

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